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Georgia Dare Kennedy was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1987. She received an MFA from Yale School of Art in 2017. Simple technologies, post-consumer detritus and sustainable biological processes, including movement and her body, and humor--readily available operations--are imperative materials and modes in Georgia's art practice. Georgia also considers her ancestry of textile workers (mill workers, hosiery factory workers and seamstresses), using her sewing labor as an inquiry into potentially empowered processes, and fabric as an analog for the interconnected nature of all things.


Flowers and Rebels

Limbo Eclipse

Patches of Land

Post-Human Papyrus



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Hay!! Hay sugar, thank y'all fer cummin so I can practice my monnalawg fer y'all.
That's a good spot. That's perfect. Y'all look great.
I called my grandmother a few weeks ago, she's 92, I was so excited. I said Grandmommy. I'm'on be in a play! Buh-caws, I discovered that my body is the original art material. And I'm sittin there thankin', Grandmommy's not 'gon have any i-dea what I'm talkin' 'bout. And then lo and behold, Grandmommy's like, yeah, I guess I started paintin' when I was at a real rough spot in my marriage, a real bad time. I guess I needed to do somethin' kinda meditative to git my mind offa thangs. But I always wanted to be an actor.
Y'ALL, I was so touched Grandmommy said that. I don't thank she's ever told ANYBODY that.
Well, I'm'on practice my monnalawg now. I'm'on be in this play by John Waters. It's called The Great Divide is infinitely large or infinitely small, it's what we make of it, baby. There were lots of monnalawgs from the play I coulda picked, but I did this one in my awdition buh-caws it's the one that really resonated with me the most, and I think that's why I got the part.
Ahem. When I was six, I got the wind knocked out of me. XXXX was drivin', an' he thawght it was fun fer us kids if he drove over the jet ski wakes on purpose, so my lul body flew up in the air and I was like suspended, then I came down really hard smackdown on the white plastic, and I couldn't talk fer like five minnits. I got scared and then even when I could talk again I didn't want to 'caws I was pissed, so I hid in the lul crawlspace that's where they store the lifejackets. That same day, XXXX got a ticket fer drunk boat drivin': hunnertdollars! I didn't even know they gave those out but it's a good thang somebody was lookin out fer us lul kids.
I dreamed this summer that I was goin to a concert with my friend Abe. I knew he thawght this punk band that was playin' at a theater was cool. It was called Howard Zinn. But I never got to go in the dream buh-caws I was busy waitin' around fer Abe and he was busy doin' somethin' else. And then I woke up and I was like, WAIT! That's MY punk band that I should start! So I'm workin' on it but so far I cain't play guitar very good and I'm gettin' a lul better at saingin'. We're gonna start with cover sawngs. Our first one is coverin' Rilo Kiley's "Danger, it's the Smoke Detector," 'cep it's "Danger, it's the Gerrymander." Our second one is coverin' "If you are going to San Francisco" 'cep it's "If you are going to San Francisco, you better dee-construct some Richard Florida, NOT wear flowers in yer hair." Then our third sawng is about clah-mate change. We're not gonna have drums, we're just gonna have thunderclaps and rain sounds and whirlin' wind and stuff. My friend is werkin' fer NOAA and I'm'on' see if she can put a hah-drophone on one of those plastic whirlin' trash islands. I figger if we're real punk we don't even need a drummer. The whole band is in the spirit of Howard Zinn, the aw-thur of People's History of the United States, 'cep in real life when I had this dream, I hadn't read that book yet.
Next thing is like, my great-grandmother in real life got struck by lightnin' when she was 7. She was kinda an itinerant farm werker so she was pickin' strawberries or somethin'. The lightnin' went out through her feet and she got burned and she lawst her sense of taste and smell fer the rest of her life. Then when she was 15 she was already married to Pa and they already had at least 1 baby. I was like 4 when she died so I didn't git to ask her about this, but I been doin' some research, and apparently you can know right beforehand that lightnin's gonna strike your body. Well, it might help us to visualize this if we thank about why lightnin' happens at all. Negatively charged particles in the sky form a stairstep shape to seek a positive, grounded charge in order to temporarily equalize themselves. There is this real scientific warnin' sign. The negative ions are so strawngly particular in a concentrated region, they actually collect in yer mouth and you can taste it. I figger if Nanny and I hung out more we might'a gotten to that, but instead I'm takin' my cues from wikipedia RN.
So when I was 25 I moved to Baw-ston... [EXCERPT]